We are a team of

ICTians & NIPERians


By NIPERians and ICTians, for Future NIPERians and ICTians!

At Pharmaelite17 we train students for GPAT, NIPER, ICT M.TECH, PHARMA-MBA, MET.

We ensure quality education with one to one counselling, assuring students reach their aimed goals and meet their planned destination.



Our Driving Spirit


Our Vision

A leading global education coaching classes helping many turn their dreams into reality.

Our Mission

To inspire, educate and help students reach their


Our Values

Ethics, innovative thinking, smart work, hard work.

Don’t forget those who helped you reach your goals.

Meetthe teamof PharmaElite17


Mr. Dharmesh Mehta

Founder - PharmaElite17
National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (Pharmaceutics)
GPAT Rank: AIR 484
NIPER Rank: AIR 66


Mr. Anand Bhusare

M-Pharm (Pharmaceutics)
College: ICT, Mumbai
GPAT rank: AIR 3
NIPER rank: AIR 6


Ms. Nandini Asati

M. Pharm (Pharm. Chemistry)
College: ICT, Mumbai
GPAT 2017 - AIR 7
NIPER JEE 2017 - AIR 41


Ms. Sharvari Kshirsagar

M. Pharm (Pharm. Chemistry)
College: ICT, Mumbai
GPAT 2017 - AIR 6
NIPER JEE 2017 - AIR 9

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